Fly a drone in Milkland

Drone Fujiyama
Business hours 9 a.m. to 4 p.m
Sign-up Weekdays: Farm Products store
Weekends and holidays: Drone practice range

Beginners are welcome. Equipment rentals are available.
Bring your own drone and practice!
Aerial video shooting school welcomes students.

Trial class with equipment rental.
(On weekends and holidays only)

10 minutes 1,000 yen (tax included)
20 minutes 1,600 yen (tax included)

Drone classes 19,800 yen and up.

Bring-your-own-drone practice session (Weekdays, weekends and holidays)

Basic Fee 2,500 yen/person
(tax included)
Accompanying guest
(older than middle school)
*Basic fee applies to all articipants with their own drone
1,000 yen/person
(tax included)
All-year pass 25,000 yen/person
(tax included)
■ Please contact us for details using the inquiry form.

Map of Drone-Flying Area

Map of Drone-Flying Area
Drone&Associares VOID JAPAN
Classes offered by professional trainers.


Phone: 0544-21-9402
Website: https://www.voidjapan.com/
E-MAIL: info@voidjapan.com

Accepting new members!

Discount for classes and drone purchases.

V member 10,800 yen / year
S member 5,400 yen / year
V member
V member
S member
S member
■ Please contact us for details using the inquiry form.

Drone Fujiyama Rules

Observe the rules and fly safe!

  1. Always check the safety of drone equipment and flying area before flying.
  2. Do not fly outside of designated area.
  3. Do not take drone and/or controller outside of designated area.
  4. Do not fly out of your sight and/or attempt other dangerous maneuvers as they may lead to serious accidents.
  5. Inform the staff promptly in case of equipment failures and accidents.
  6. Staff may interrupt your flying when deemed necessary.

Drones are currently under constant scrutiny socially. Accidents could result in unexpectedly large problems. One cannot be too careful when it comes to flying drones. Please observe these rules and fly safe.